Request to Increase or Enhancement Load for LT Electricity Connection Consumer West Bengal State

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    For LT consumer they need to apply for load enhancement services. This facility is given by West Bengal state electricity Distribution Company limited. The user needs to read all instructions before applying here. The user can need their login information for apply here. You can also apply here new electricity connection about LT and another type. After apply services user always needs to check status about form. They can show here all FAQ question about electricity services. Now pay their electricity bill with help of consumer number. Now follow all instruction avail one by one about electricity.

    Who can apply: - applicant can apply here if they need to enhance their load. They can need their electricity bill at the time of apply services.

    Document list is avail here
    #. Application form
    #. Electricity bill which can contain consumer number
    #. Id proof like voter card, aadhaar card
    #. Self-declaration about load
    #. Any other document
    Now collect all document avail here and make their scanned copy like JPEG, PDF. First, you can check the size of document needs at the time of

    Procedure for apply load enhancement
    Before apply here services user you need to read all instruction show here about load services.

    Point 1: - applicants you need to visit at WBSEDCL at time of apply load enhancement services.
    This link can provide login page to the user as well as the service name.

    Point 2: - you need to start to fill correct information here.
    #. Enter your username here
    #. Enter correct password

    Point 3: - after filling all information you need to click on login button.
    Applicant you need to select here application form about load enhancement. Enter person name, father name, electricity bill number, complete address with pin code, enter information about load which needs to increased or decreased. Now pay here fees about services and also need to upload a document.
    After this, you need to collect here application slip. It can help user for check status about services.

    New user register

    Now you need to read all information how to register as new user. So read and follow all information avail here.
    This link can provide a page so check its name and fill correct details avail here.

    #. Enter consumer id
    Click on continue button
    After complete all information they can provide login details to the user like user id and password.

    Contact information for users
    Call center helpline number >> 1800-345-3201/ 1800-345-3206/ 1800-345-3212
    Call center helpline number >> 1800-345-3213/ 1800-345-5220/ 1800-345-5221
    Now call on given number and ask here a correct question about their quires. They can provide all solution to user in short time by asking here a correct question about load services.

    User, we can provide all details about load enhancement LT consumer. The link is availing here so read and fills correct details in login & register page. For any of help, you need to call on helpline number in any working days.
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